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Specialising as a Sports Chiropractor for

Golf Pros


Specialising as a sports Chiropractor for Golf Pros

Ian Dingwall specialises as a sports Chiropractor for golf pros. He has had the opportunity to work with some of the best players in Europe, making sure they maintain peak fitness and mobility to perform well in their game. When Ian is not working with Golf professionals on the  European Tour, he runs a private clinic at his Chiropractic practice in Kirkintilloch near Glasgow. With 25 years of experience, he has a diverse and effective approach to his treatment.

Why Ian is so


Titleist Performance Institute

Ian has experience in working with the Titleist Performance Institute. Here, a holistic approach is taken using cutting edge technology to maximise golfers’ performance. Ian has achieved the Titleist Performance Institute's highest level as a medical professional. Being able to work alongside advanced equipment fitting methods, in-depth swing analysis, and science-based player conditioning, Ian has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of what is involved to maximise players ability.

How Ian works in his sports treatment...

Ian liaises with swing coaches, strength and conditioning coaches and sports psychologists during treatment.

This enables his players to maximise 

their talents as well as enabling better recovery after the stresses of tour life. If you want to see Ian, he will assess your functional ability and its possible ramifications for golfing ability. It is vital that he has contact with your coach. Your swing mechanics may not be restricted by your body, but your technique may be causing your body to be limited.

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If this is what you are looking for and you want to know more then you can get in touch with Ian today. You can call him on 0141 776 4542 or email him by clicking on the button below. He will be delighted to hear from you and give you more details specific to your needs. Get your body working to its maximum potential and get in touch today.
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Ian has been an absolute god send to me. I have suffered from chronic neck problems in the past and with Ian's integrated approach and treatment plan I have very little discomfort these days.

After suffering lower back and leg pain for a number of years I'd tried other osteopaths, chiropractor and physios, a friend recommended Ian. At the initial consultation he'd diagnosed my problems and set a programme to resolve them. I'm now pain free and fully mobile! Highly recommend his services!

I can't sing Ian Dingwalls praises more highly, not only for his innate abilities as a chiropractor but also for his genuine deep interest and caring about his patients. I am a professional rider and recreational skier, neither of which I would still be doing if I had not been lucky enough to be introduced to Ian.